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Building your portfolio one spec investment at a time!

Are you an investor planning to diversify your portfolio? Or an individual interested investing into something tangible? The following questions and answers are what every investor needs to know.

As an investor with no real estate experience, can I invest into the real estate market and profit? Yes, you can. And, Firm Foundation Builders consulting services group will show you how.

What is a Consulting Services Group? Firm Foundation Builders consulting services group is the combined efforts from several professionals personally assigned to each investor to assist them with every project. The group consists of a Real Estate agent, Appraiser, Project manager, Builder, Financial Advisor, and account manager.

Do I need a Consulting Services Group? Yes, our licensed professional’s offer comprehensive services to help you invest with the highest profit return possible. Our consulting services help plan, build and maintain your projects. We work with you to address challenges and provide successful solutions that improve efficiency, reduce cost and provide faster time to market. At Firm Foundation builders, our goal is to bring real estate and investing together. To that effect, we’ve identified the crucial components of real estate investing that make up the foundation of any investment.

What is a Project Manager and what qualifications must he/she have? A Project Manager is a general contactor or an individual who has a minimum of 5 years experience in construction management. This person serves as a consultant on your construction project and can help ensure that your project is completed in compliance with your plans and specification, meets all health and safety standards, building codes and other requirements, and is completed in a prescribed period of time and within budget.

What insurance is required for a construction loan? Firm Foundation Builders and Contractors have:

  1. Worker’s Compensation policy – This covers the Project Manager, subcontractors, and others who will be working on your project. This policy is provided by Firm Foundation Builders and subcontractors.
  2. General Liability Insurance – Firm Foundation Builders are required to provide a minimum amount of $500,000 for each occurrence, extended to both property and personal injury. This can be in the form of a comprehensive general policy or included as a broad form liability endorsement.
  3. Flood Insurance – We are required to have flood insurance if the project is being built in an area that the federal government has identified as a special flood hazard area (100 year flood zone).

As an Investor, Do I actually have to do any of the decision making? No. As an investor, you have the option to simply invest with hands off or be involved every step of the way. It’s your choice. Firm Foundation Builders is more than qualified to carry a project from conception to completion.

How is this different from investing into a construction company (profit sharing)? Firm Foundation Builders is responsible for the complete management of your project. We do not finance the opportunity or assume the risk of the project. We plan, build and maintain your projects. We will charge you a percentage of the hard cost, commissions on the sale and flat fee for the appraisals. Once the project is completed, Firm Foundation Builders will step aside and let the investor sell, rent, lease, or move in.

Why let Firm Foundation Builders manage my projects? ‘Simply put’, we have designed a proven program that differentiates us from our competitors. We build relationships and projects on firm foundations.

Let us show you how and why Firm Foundation Builders is the right investment for you? We are the spec construction experts! Have additional questions about spec construction? Feel free to contact us at

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